Welcome to Sealieve

Karen and Jay here. For some reason being married with three kids wasn't enough so we decided to add even more grief to our relationship and set up a business together! You'll see from these pics we don't take ourselves too seriously...yes, we're sitting fully clothed in an empty ice bath!

Life is stressful, there's no way round it. No matter what stage you're at we're all looking for something to take the pressure off. For us we've found a 250% dopamine hit does the trick ;)

It started with sea dips and after a year of treking over and back to our local-ish swim spot, The Forty Foot, we started looking for something to give us that hit closer to home.

We wanted a one-time investment, a lifetime piece of kit, to give us all the cold water benefits from the comfort of our garden.

Through an Irish manufacturer we customised our Ice Bath Pro and Sealieve (sea - the ocean and lieve - from lief meaning beloved, dear) was born.

You're probably here because you want to make a change, add a healthy habit to your life, build on your cold water obsession. No matter the reason you've done the right thing. Start today, start with cold, build your routine and watch the changes come.

Thank you for your support. We hope you enjoy exploring.

Karen and Jay

Designed and made in Ireland for Irish conditions.

The Sealieve Ice Bath Pro  is fully weather proof and can withstand the best and worst that our amazing climate can throw at it. There’s no need to put our ice bath away when the weather gets Irish! This means that your Sealieve Ice Bath Pro is ready for you whenever you need it. So whether you’re taking a dip on a beautiful calm Summer’s day or during an equally beautiful Winter’s gale you can get it done. Your Ice Bath Pro is as resilient as you are and ready for you to challenge yourself whenever you need it with no additional set up. No risk of punctures, rips, repairs or it blowing into the neighbours garden.

Our ice baths are built for life!

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