About us

Sealieve is an Irish owned and run health, skincare and well-being store. With powerful, eco-friendly, science-based brands you’ll find just what you need in our skincare and wellness products. The past two years have given many of us time to focus on other areas of our lives. Sealieve was created with this in mind, to give energy and passion to things that offer the greatest benefits in life.

One activity that has given us a much needed mental and physical boost is sea swimming. The name Sealieve (sea - the ocean and lieve -from lief meaning beloved, dear) is our little nod to the awesome sea that makes each day a little better.

Making a change can be a daunting experience - whether you want to boost your immunity or create a new skincare routine - we have you covered. With many years of skincare, wellness and fitness experience behind us we’ve tried and tested everything we stock. Our goal is to share what has helped us on our journey with our young family over the past few years. We're working on our learning zone where you’ll find lots of helpful guidance. We will continue to add to this resource and always welcome suggestions for more topics. 

We hope you enjoy exploring and find something to brighten your day.

Karen and Jay


+353 87 771 0779


Dublin, Ireland