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Sealieve Infrared Sauna Blanket

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Upgraded to a slimline zip fastener and weighing less than 7kgs, our infrared sauna blanket makes your sauna experience even easier.

Simply lie inside, fold over the top and zip the blanket up. Couldn't be slicker.

The compact controller makes this fantastic piece of healthcare kit even more user friendly. It stores away with minimal fuss and effort.

The carry bag, with its detailed stitched logo, makes for the perfect travel solution.

Our custom made Sealieve low EMF infrared sauna blanket gives you that sauna experience at-home in a portable, easy to use blanket. Regular use (approx. 57 minutes per week) of heat therapy gives you a multitude of health benefits:

~ Similar to the 'cold shock response' experienced in cold therapy. The heat stress response during sauna use activates the sympathetic nervous system with the same hormonal output as in the cold-shock response. Adrenalin, noradrenaline and cortisol increase (fight or flight response). Dopamine and endorphins increase...cue feelings of happiness, calm, stress reduction, lower anxiety, improved mood, higher self confidence/self-esteem. 

The physiological response of heat shock is mainly increased blood flow resulting in improved circulation. Studies have shown that blood flow, as a response to acute heat stress, increases blood flow to the skin by up to 7-8ltrs. This is particularly important when it comes to heart health

Deliberate heat exposure allows your body to adapt and regulate its core body temperature through thermogenesis (heat/energy production within your body) this in turn has positive metabolic effects.

~ Sports recovery - soothe aching muscles more efficiently with the deep penetrating effects of far infrared technology

~ Improved sleep - enjoy the benefits of deep heat penetration and muscular relaxation which have been proven to greatly improve sleep quality

~ Deep relaxation - experience the benefits of a sauna in the comfort of your own home. While comfortably laying inside the sauna blanket you can practice NSDR (non sleep deep rest) practising mindfulness, meditation, yoga Nidra, or even watch a movie

Customer Reviews

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Julie Lee
Great sauna blanket/very efficient service

We’re delighted with our new Sealieve Infrared Sauna Blanket. The service from Sealieve was great: fast and efficient. Would definitely recommend.